Think tomorrow, safe today

At Hurley Construction, safety is a core value. Our safety program encourages everyone to think about tomorrow by being vigilant in our pre-planning and execution to ensure that no matter your role, you leave the site whole.

We comply with applicable safety and health laws, codes and standards, and expect employees and trade partners at all levels to cooperate with this effort for their own benefit and the safety of others. We welcome state and federal agencies to perform a detailed inspection on any of our job sites at any time.

We’ve committed to our safety program by:

  • Maintaining a healthy environment and safe working conditions for all
  • Providing quality safety training by industry veterans who engage our people on best safety practices
  • Requiring compliance with safety codes and regulations
  • Promoting a genuine interest in safety among all team members.

No violations here, this is the cleanest and most organized site I have ever observed in a project of this size. It is refreshing to see a company that makes safety a priority. Great Job!

– Wil Tommila, audit from Integrity Safety

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