Quality Assurance

Proactive guidance to optimize every phase
of construction

From conception to completion, we steer the project along with you, giving our unwavering support and commitment that each phase is a testament to quality, transparency, and ingenuity.

We consistently monitor each team’s work to ensure requirements are met, that all goals unique to your project are achieved, and that it’s built within budget.

Our quality assurance program drives a strong spirit of team collaboration and effort starting early in the design process through project completion. We apply a fresh set of eyes on special inspections results, field observations, safety, building systems testing/adjusting/balancing, owner documentation and closeout processes.

Key steps we take to deliver quality:

  • Progress meetings.

    Ongoing forum for all teams to review progress, and openly discuss and resolve concerns.

  • MEP&F design and construction document reviews.

    Comprehensive evaluation of the documents at set milestones from a diverse perspective with an eye on quality, completeness and accuracy.

  • Constructability reviews.

    Opportunities to evaluate building systems, construction phasing, materials, logistics and overall quality.

  • Commissioning process.

    Ensures steps are followed per the plans and specifications on a design build basis.

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