Better Insights Up Front From a Seasoned Team

With each project, there are many potential paths and there is a lot at stake. Just like laying the foundation, accuracy from the start is critical to setting your project up for success.

This is where you benefit from having our team with extensive design expertise involved early in the process. Through this collaborative effort, we help you create the roadmap for bringing your vision to life.

More careful analysis makes a difference in your timeline and cost

Bringing a higher level of expertise and care, we evaluate the plans and thought process thoroughly from your perspective and based on your expectations. Hurley’s project team always comes up with innovative solutions that reduce cost while meeting the ultimate objectives of the project. Our goal is to collectively analyze options and alternatives so you can make the best decision about ways forward.

We pride ourselves on accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.

With that extra layer of experience sooner than later, we vet out a lot of room for error to avoid issues in the first place and minimize change orders down the road. We refine our master schedule and develop realistic pricing that remains fixed through construction.

Multiple ways you get value early in the process

  • Accurate budget and cost development.

    You’ll have substantiated cost estimates and pricing certainty based on our deep construction expertise and risk analysis experience as well as current market conditions.

  • Realistic and in-depth project scheduling.

    We analyze early permitting opportunities, design reviews and approvals, constructability challenges and budget.

  • Customized construction planning.

    Includes detailed site logistics plans, safety and quality implementation, budget approval and secured permits.

  • Proactive construction risk management.

    We walk you and the lead designers through our risk mitigation strategy plan that anticipates market changes and provides true costs to help make sound business decisions.

  • Value engineering.

    Design and construction alternatives are examined up front to enhance the performance of the project while creating opportunities for cost savings right from early design that carry into construction, operation and maintenance.

  • Early procurement & expediting.

    Permitting, procurement and commissioning schedules are developed alongside design to shorten lead times, eliminate costly delays and allow for early development of the project commissioning plan.

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