Planning Management

Create and improve predictability in workflow

By bringing people together through a series of planning conversations, we collectively identify the work ahead and shape the process to achieve milestones and ensure that assignments are completed.

This is when we establish the commitment that’s needed from the entire team and parties involved – owner, architect, trade partners, inspectors, and government.


  • Pull planning to coordinate the team for action.

    We create a plan detailing the commitments needed to deliver each phase of the project, deliverables at each hand-off and a schedule outlining each phase of work. It’s built as a series of requests working backward from each milestone.

  • Look-ahead plan to secure resources.

    Each team member performs a review of the work in the coming months, identifies what’s required to accomplish the work, and makes necessary requests to ensure the resources will be available when needed. The team adjusts or reaffirms the plan in regular meetings during the look-ahead period. The goal is to deliver on project promises with a rational set of commitments that enable predictable and uninterrupted workflow.

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