Our Belief & Mission

Stewardship, Innovation & Collaboration

The Talents team prides itself on being noble stewards of the development aspirations of our clients bringing life through exceptional Construction Services for any and all projects. We believe that when we properly steward of the design and build process of our client’s vision for development, this will increase yield of our client’s vision, resulting lasting returns to all parties: owner, architect, consultants, subcontractors, city, and neighborhood. Our beliefs revolve around these core values…



The careful and responsible management of soemthing entrusted to one’s care.



The reinvention of an existing product, idea, or field for a new, modified purpose.



The organizational working of many to discover, construct, and achieve a result or goal.

Diversity & Inclusion

A Workplace for Every Background

Talents aspires to build a diverse community that fosters the inclusion of uniquely skilled individuals regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, cultural heritage or nationality, religious or political belief; sexual orientation or gender identity; or socioeconomic, veteran or ability status.

To achieve our mission, we require a strong diverse team to fuel collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Our success is dependent on having robust and effective ideas, which best happen when we HEAR from rich diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences. Talents will always prioritize our commitment to diversity for not only our team, but for the community we work and live in.

Workplace Safety

Think Tomorrow, Safe Today

Safety is not a person, a department, a process. At Talents, safety is at the center of what we do. This core is embodied from our President, to our Project Managers, to our Project Engineers and is expected by all parties contracted by Talents.

When safety is the core of what we do, we create a culture that prevents every opportunity for an accident to occur. This allows us to be confident that as our team members and partners work hard in completing a project, they will be able to finish their day unharmed to head home to be with their family and friends.

For safety to be a culture, accountability is held from the top to the bottom within our organization. This means that all our team members are responsible to prevent incidents by making safety the center of what we do in the office and worksites. Therefore, we empower all employees, including subcontractor crew members, with “stop work authority” to prevent unsafe acts.

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