Establish a healthy and successful build

This stage is the vital link that takes the design into a stable place to build. It’s important this review is properly stewarded so it doesn’t lead to redesign and rework that costs you time and money.

General contractors tend to set up standard procedures and pass the CR to the project engineers, but we believe having senior-level expertise in this phase is crucial.

By assigning an internal peer review team with veteran leaders, you get valuable constructability advice before the design develops into a workable construction plan.


Our team also follows the Whole Building Design Guide, a program managed by the National Institute of Building Science, applying an integrated design and team approach in all phases of a project.

Our holistic assessment addresses more than just potential issues

  • Step-by-step thorough review.

    Time spent now is more time saved later. We take the time to walk through the construction process, and we’re not just looking for problems.

  • Constructive feedback on preliminary documents.

    We’re cognizant that the design documents are incomplete at this point and avoid providing the design team with an exhaustive list of things they already know aren’t done. Instead, we hone in on general design approaches, correcting items that have been completed and identifying the obscure, easy-to-miss details.

  • Focus on important items.

    We don’t waste the design team’s time. Our questions and comments revolve around whether something will impact the cost, time or quality of the project or if it’s something our trade partners need to know to perform their work.

  • Scrutinize the interface of various systems.

    Whether it be interior, exterior, structural or MEP, we’re not only looking within the body of a system but at the perimeter, where it interfaces with the various systems and trades, and where we tend to find more issues.

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