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At Talents Construction, we understand the value that our subcontracting partners bring to our array of projects. We invite you to submit a pre-qualification form to be considered for future Talents projects. You may either submit our pre-qualification form online or print and mail it to our offices.
Pre-Qualification Form

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Div. 1: General Construction
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Div. 3: Concrete
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Div. 5: Metals
Div. 6: Wood & Plastics
Div. 7: Moisture Protection
Div. 8: Doors & Windows
Div. 9: Finishes
Div. 10: Specialties
Div. 11: Equipment
Div. 12: Furnishings
Div. 14: Conveyor Systems
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Insurance Requirements

  1. Proof of Workers Compensation coverage (WA L&I account # or Cert of Workers Comp insurance ‐ all other states)
  2. Washington Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number (Washington companies)
  3. Completed Form W‐9 – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number
  4. State Contractor’s License Pocket Card with expiration date
  5. Certificate of Insurance: Talents Construction, LLC. must be named as additional insured on the certificate, indicating “all operations”, with a copy of endorsement attached to Certificate of Insurance.
    1. Commercial General Liability:
      1. General Aggregate – (2,000,000)
      2. Products Aggregate – (2,000,000)
      3. Each Occurrence – (1,000,000)
      4. Personal & Advertising Injury – (1,000,000)
      5. Fire Legal Liability – (50,000)
      6. Medical Payments – (5,000)
    2. Automobile Liability (Combined Single Limit) – (1,000,000)
    3. Umbrella/Excess Liability – (1,000,000)
    4. Professional Liability (if applicable) – (1,000,000)

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